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My Media has lots to offer – we’re also happy to look into working with our customers on bespoke work, too, so feel free to get in touch if you’re looking for something that you don’t find below!

Web Design

In the modern world, your website says a lot about you and is often the first place your customers will go. We will produce a clean, modern website, perfectly embodying your brand and ethos!


Your branding is central to everything you do but shouldn’t take up all of your time – let us build your brand while you work on building your business. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re here to help you achieve it!

Graphic Design

In addition to branding, our graphic designers have a keen eye for detail (and style) and will be more than happy to help with your design requirements – from icons to billboards, we’re here to bring your ideas into reality!

Social Media Marketing

Social media is undeniably king when it comes to marketing. Let us help you create thought provoking posts and run successful ad campaigns to really grow your business locally, nationally or globally!


There’s nothing worse than seeing a low resolution or confusing image on a billboard or website. Our team of photographers can help you capture clear and high quality images, whatever the requirement.


On most social media platforms, video is now favoured compared to photography – our skilled teams of camera operators and editors know how to grab attention and feature your brands, products and ideas in new and exciting ways!

Our Pricing

At My Media, and across My Tech Group, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality services at affordable prices. We firmly believe that you won’t find a better price elsewhere for comparable work.

Website Design is based upon standard pricing which you can find below. For other services, please contact us for a competitive quote!

Basic Website

Great for individuals
From £100 (one-time payment)
  • Bespoke Design
  • Unlimited revisions during development
  • Free hosting during development
  • Free Technical & Aftersales Support
  • Great for personal websites
  • Can't accept payments/orders

Ecommerce Website

Great for businesses
From £200 (one-time payment)
  • Bespoke Design
  • Unlimited revisions during development
  • Free hosting during development
  • Free Technical & Aftersales Support
  • Perfect for online stores
  • Can accept payments/orders

DIY (Hosting Only)

A My Web Service
From £30 / year
  • You can build your own website
  • Or, you can use our pre-built web apps
  • Lifetime SSL Certificates
  • We host and backup your files
  • Free Hosting Support
  • Can do anything you like!

We're here for you

We know that it’s not always easy to decide on what you need or want, so our friendly sales team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, and also make recommendations on appropriate services or ideas for your website.

We’re always happy to be guided by you and your ideas, but we’re also still here for you to fill in any blanks!

We’re part of a bigger family

My Media is part of the My Tech family of services.
This means that not only can we provide you with top-quality Web Design, Branding, Social Marketing, Photography, Physical Media and Digital Media, we can also help you take that next step with your website or business.
Get in touch with us to discuss our many other services, such as: web and email hosting, and other IT services.

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